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5.RI.5 Text Structure
We have been learning how to compare the structures of 2 or more nonfiction text structures. The text structures are:
-Chronological order (Sequence of Events)
-Cause and Effect
-Argument and Support

To help at home, read some nonfiction text with your kids. Ask them if they see any keywords that help them identify the structure of the passage.

I will post some videos and other resources to help on this topic.
5.RL.9 Genres of Literature
The next few weeks our objective will be:
I can compare, contrast, analyze, and evaluate stories of the same genre on theme and topics.

Students will learn:
-Folktale Genre Characteristics

Students should already know:
-How to find the theme of a story
-How to identify character traits and the setting of a story.
-How to identify the problem and solution in a story.